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Darren Davies
Mobile : 0407-838-933.

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351 Eynens Road,

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Building Growling Anvil

Hanging the trusses ready to be flipped up into position, all hands on deck!

The trusses in position.

Trusses and wings now braced.

Wall cladding on.

Wall cladding on.

Wall cladding on.

Wall cladding on. Inside view.

The roofing begins.

Finishing the roofing.

Finishing the roofing. Viewed from over the dam.

With the roofing finished it's time to bring in the tools.

Inside my smithy when I first set it up. It's a lot different now.

I decided my smithy needed a decent chimney. It's cap is 1 meter in diameter.

My 20Tonnes of coke was arriving in 4 days & I needed a correl now!

My coke ended up delayed for another week, just my luck after all the mad rushing around!

Next the tin went up on the walls, this was finished at about 6pm the night before delivery.

The coke ended up delayed for another week, but I got it in the end. YES IT IS FOR SALE, call me.